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Electrical Utility Accident Attorneys in Pittsburgh

Electricity is a very powerful source of energy and if an electrical corporation fails to correctly construct, install or maintain power lines and/or other sources of energy, the results can be disastrous. At Chaffin Luhana, our electrical utility accident lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA represent individuals and families in electrical utility liability claims throughout the Ohio Valley area in West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. For legal assistance, please contact our experienced and dedicated Pittsburgh workplace accident attorneys today.

Electrocutions and fires are usually the result when utility corporations fail to properly transmit electricity. Serious injuries and injuries resulting in death can occur, some of these injuries include:

Workers who work around high voltage electric lines must be properly trained. Lack of training can pose serious risks to themselves and to the public. Contractors who cause an accident can also be held liable.

Electric Utility Liability Claims

Chaffin Luhana Pittsburgh injury attorneys handles claims involving electric utility liability on behalf of individuals who work or live near dangerous power lines. Claims are often filed on behalf of people who are injured by downed transmission cables and live wires.

An electric company can be held liable for injuries resulting from scenarios such as:

  • Injuries caused by a wire that sags down over a highway (it is the duty of the electrical company to keep wires over streets and highways out of the way of people and property).
  • Failure to properly insulate or keep high voltage electric lines out of reach in places where people go for work, business or pleasure (electric companies are responsible for keeping the lines out of the way of the public so they aren’t injured).
  • Failure to take proper care or to warn customers about safeguarding measures when insulating dangerous wires in or near trees.

Electric companies are not always liable for electrical accidents. Sometimes contractors or negligent workers are at fault. To make sure that a proper investigation is conducted to determine who is liable in your case, you need to work with an electric utility accident lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA who is experienced in these types of claims.

The Pittsburgh, PA electric utility accident attorneys at Chaffin Luhana are available to represent persons and families harmed by live electrical wires and downed lines. To schedule a consultation to discuss your case, contact our law firm today.

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