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Lawyers for Barge & Tug Boat Worker Injuries

If you Have Suffered a Serious Injury, Call Chaffin Luhana

If you have suffered a serious injury or your loved one has been killed while working on a barge or tug boat in the Ohio Valley, the attorneys of Chaffin Luhana are on your side. We have the legal experience and the resources to fight for justice on your behalf.

If you are seeking lawyers for barge or tug boat worker injuries, call Chaffin Luhana at 888-316-2311. We represent injured workers throughout the Ohio Valley and across the nation. We understand the complexities of maritime law, the Jones Act, and workers’ compensation and how these may apply to your case. We have a long history of success in complex personal injury and workplace injury cases. Call us for a free consultation and case analysis. If we take your case, we only get paid if we win.

The Dangers of Working on Barges and Tug Boats

Workers on barges and tug boats in the Ohio Valley and near docks and ports face many dangers, including exposure to toxic chemicals and dangerous cargo, the risk of falling from a tug boat, the possibility of a crushing injury that may lead to amputation, and even the possibility of wrongful death. While the Jones Act is a possible source of compensation for injuries and losses, it may not offer the amount of compensation injured workers and their families may need in the event of a barge or tug boat injury or wrongful death in the Ohio Valley.

If a lawsuit must be filed to obtain fair compensation after a boat worker has been injured or killed, Chaffin Luhana has the legal experience and record of success necessary for these types of cases. We know the law and we know how to get results for injured workers.

Fracking has led to a major boom in the economic opportunities available in the states of the Ohio Valley. Increased demands have been placed on trucks and rail to transport these resources from West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Billions of dollars of commerce is being transported through the Ohio Valley and this increase has led to many job opportunities. It has also led to a higher risk of injury for barge and tug boat workers as companies turn to inland waterways for transport of natural resources. The rails and the roadways are being utilized to capacity so the nation’s inland waterways are ripe for development.

Whether you are a tug boat or barge operator on the ocean or you work on the Ohio River or other waterway, the attorneys of Chaffin Luhana are ready to assist you if you have legal concerns after an injury suffered while working on a barge or tug boat. Where your injury occurred, how it occurred, what laws are applicable and who is responsible for dangerous conditions which led to injuries or deaths: these are some of the details we will gather as we investigate your case. No matter how complex the legal challenges may be, Chaffin Luhana has the resources and the dedication necessary. Call our lawyers for barge & tug boat worker injuries now so we can begin building a case for you.

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“My father was a union witness at an arbitration in a steel mill. After the hearing, my father, dressed in blue jeans and a sweatshirt, stuck out his hand to shake hands with the company’s lawyer. The lawyer refused. The lawyer was not upset because my dad got the best of him but because he frowned upon working class people. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. My dad used this story to remind me to respect others, to remember where I came from and as an example of how not to conduct myself as a lawyer.”

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